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Buy Bubble Gum at When you combine award-winning strains along with signature bud, what do you get? Gum Seeds’ Bubble Gum, an indica-dominant hybrid that’s super sedating and incredibly delicious. The team in the Netherlands decided to cross muhameds Bubble Gum, a Cannabis Cub winner, with THC Bomb and boy, did they create something amazing.

Most users will be able to handle Bubble Bomb’s potency as she tops out at only 20% THC. Her nugs are the poster children for gorgeous weed with a dark green color, dense structure, and small yet frosty white trichomes. Strong notes of both bubblegum and lemon mix together as you smoke, causing your mouth to water and the air around you to be rich with a pleasant aroma. Buy Bubble Gum at

As with many of the strains in the Bomb family, Bubble Gum takes her job seriously and imparts super-intense effects that last for hours. Initially, a sensation of creativity will wash over you and you may become pretty insightful with your thoughts, especially as your brain reaches new heights of euphoria. This won’t last long, however, because even though you may retain your inkling for socialization, you’ll experience a super stoney and hazy feeling that eventually just leads to couch lock.

Sometimes the best way to handle negative thoughts is to wipe them out entirely, and while that sounds like total fiction, muhameds Bubble Gum is actually quite adept at doing just that. A few puffs leave no room whatsoever for depression or anxiety, allowing you to fully enjoy whatever tasks you’re engaged in. Physical pain, whether chronic or occasional, as well as appetite issues and insomnia, are also easily managed by Bubble Gum. Buy Bubble Gum at

Home cultivators absolutely Bubble Gum because she grows to be quite large in a short amount of time. Both indoor and outdoor settings are fine, but keep in mind that you’ll need a lot of space regardless. These bushy plants take between 8 and 9 weeks to fully mature and end up offering quite a nice yield. If you’re looking to really maximize your production, opt for planting her outside and harvesting at the end of October.

Don’t let her label fool you – average THC levels don’t equal average effects when dealing with Bubble Bomb. Those who are sensitive to cannabis should take it very easy with this gal and work up their tolerance before simply going for it. Enjoy Bubble Gum after a day you simply want to forget or take her cerebral effects for a spin and enjoy some epic conversations with friends before you all fall asleep.

Weight 1 g
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 cm


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