Buy Muhameds Nesquik usa, Chocolate Kush has been one of the staples in my medicine cabinet for nearly 2 years now. It’s an extremely well-rounded hybrid that honestly doesn’t seem sativa dominant to me. Maybe I’m consuming a different breeder’s Chocolate Kush, but regardless, this strain I keep receiving is wonderful. Effects are mostly in the body for me with a slight head change. Mellow, but not going to knock you out unless you go overboard. Potency isn’t it’s strong suit, but it’s not bad either (regularly within the 18-22% THC range). muhameds uk. I consider this one of my cannasseur strains as it tastes amazing, the smoke is as smooth as silk with little expansion, and the effects are great for me anywhere from noon to night (I use a different strain, like a pure indica right before bed). The flavor to me is very earthy with a hint of dry chocolate on the exhale. The best way I can describe it is that it seems as if some Nesquik chocolate powder was lightly sprinkled over the top of the buds. It’s faint, but distinct to me. Smell is also outstanding with no hints of chocolate in that aspect, but it does have a sweet sort of characteristic to it along with that same earthy note. Appearance-wise, this strain shines. Extremely similar to Blackberry Kush in that it’s more “furry” than “frosty”. Buy Muhameds Nesquik usa Coated in white with amazing bag appeal. The nugs are decent in density, size, & structure with shades of green broken apart by purple veins & accents and at times, trichome coverage is so dominant that it appears there’s cotton fabric weaved within the nugs’ structure. An absolutely beautiful specimen every time I’ve picked it up.Overall , I personally love this strain. It’s not the most potent strain out there, but that’s hardly an issue as I keep a decent number of strains in my medicine cabinet for different purposes. I’d say the potency is average with the ability to be good (18-25%, usually on the lower end). This strain is the type you’d want to consume as a treat/reward for yourself. It could be after dinner as a dessert, Buy Muhameds Nesquik usa after a long day of work to release some stress/tension, or even during your day almost as an escape to get your mind right. When grown properly, this strain will always have a place within my medicine cabinet. Edit: For reference, the sample of Chocolate Kush I consumed is up in the photo section and are the nugs with the blue backgrounds. It’s from TJ’s Organic Gardens and the review before mine seems to mirror my thoughts on this strain from TJ’s lineup. Hope this helps anyone in the Pacific Northwest find an amazing representation of this strain. Muhameds uk Not overpowering, great flavor, nice effects, and gorgeous. It’s my most commonly consumed strain for a reason and unless it’s late at night, the sample you get is grown horribly, or you want something extremely potent, you’ll likely love this strain. Muhameds uk

Weight 1 g
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 cm


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