Buy Muhameds mojito online here. If you’re a fan of alcoholic beverages and the way they taste great while offering a bit of relaxation, then Mojito by Swamp Boys Seeds might be right up your alley. Although she’s a sativa-dominant gal on paper, many users find that her effects are far more like an indica. Experienced smokers could find that the afternoon makes for the ideal time to enjoy this cross between Limegerian and Orange Blossom Trail. Muhameds USA

Mojito tends to clock in with a significant amount of potency and hovers around 23% to 24% THC. Although her nugs are on the smaller side and are rounded in shape, their dark green exterior is dotted with bright orange pistils and golden trichomes.Muhameds USA Surprisingly enough,Mojito  actually tastes like the beverage itself with notes of citrus, lemon, and lime dancing along your tongue. As the nugs burn, the room you’re in will fill with a lemon-lime aroma that’s accented with chocolate and herbs.

This strain can be a bit confusing for newer users as she typically acts like an indica, offering users a way to zone out from the world for a while. Initially, you can expect to have your mind filled with a sense of euphoria and a total calm that washes away any of your worries.This This can inspire some to feel a bit social, Muhameds USA and while you won’t want to go out of the house, staying in and relaxing with friends could be a welcome addition to your night. As your high continues, you might experience a pretty strong case of the tingles and physical relaxation will be at an all-time high.

Most of the strains on today’s cannabis market offer both recreational and medicinal relief, and Mojito is no stranger to helping in either of these .Areas Individuals who suffer from physical pain, Muhameds USA including migraines or inflammation, could find relief here, and given her typically cheery disposition, cases of anxiety and depression often fade as well. While some strains are too psychedelic to assist with PTSD, reports note that Mojito is perfect for this type of ailment.

Finding seeds of Mojito online can be challenging, but if you’re able to locate them, Muhameds USA Swamp Boys Seeds does offer a little bit of help. They note that this strain takes roughly 9 weeks to flower indoors and plants can get quite tall, so a bit of advance planning is suggested. Yields are rumored to be remarkably high.

The classic flavors of a mojito can’t be beaten, and if that tends to be your drink of choice, consider giving Mojito a try. Even if you’re not a fan of how she tastes, her relaxing nature should make up for it. Consider indulging in the afternoon or evening, or take a few puffs on a lazy Saturday morning.

Weight 1 g
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 cm


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